Growing up in New Zealand spoiled me when it came to scenery...and this factor largely influenced my interest in focusing on nature in fine art. ​

My focus is mainly scenery: landscapes, seascapes, the beautiful local wetlands and marshes in North Florida. I tend to relate to the season and love the brilliance of Fall colors also the bright clarity the summer light casts on the landscape or the ever-changing sea.  My favorite mediums are oils and acrylics, also occasionally working with watercolors...and yes, there is almost always some purple to be found - I  am always striving to improve and expand to try new challenges and ideas!  Painting is about both me and my viewer though: I want the composition to be solid, and the viewer to be drawn into the work and to be able to strongly relate to it.

A new adventure is painting en plein air...having joined the First Coast Plein Air group who are enthusiastic ​and wonderful artists, I am learning a lot.  Sometimes the challenges are huge with the elements seemingly working against one, rain, wind, too hot, insects etc.  But, I am finding that I am enjoying the spontaneity in my pieces forced by the need to work quickly.

Over the summer I attempted to paint 30 pieces in 30 days...managed about 26 and it was a terrific learning experience and influenced the way I paint... please see examples on the What's New page.

Fine art that pleases...
Contact me at : 904-662-7354
Current affiliations are with the St. Augustine Art Association, First Coast Artists, and First Coast Plein Air Painters.  

 See the "What's New" page for a list of current venues, and recently completed pieces.